VPS Hosting Explanation

VPS Hosting Explanation

Virtual Private Servers combine the affordability and ease of use of a hosting account with the robustness and flexibility of a dedicated web hosting server.

VPS Plans from

Thanks to our cut-price VPS plans (OpenVZ and KVM-based), you can now take advantage of your own server environment and work thoroughly independently of anybody else, at just a fraction of the cost of a dedicated web hosting server. The VPSs we offer come with different OS options (Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian), 3 hosting Control Panels (Hepsia, cPanel and DirectAdmin) and a plethora of extras. There are no setup taxes at all.

A Free-of-Cost Control Panel

, a prominent hosting corporation, has built a one-of-a-kind Control Panel graphical user interface – Hepsia, which is included with our shared hosting plans, VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated web server hosting packages. The majority of the web hosting service providers make use of the cPanel Control Panel, which, juxtaposed with the Control Panel graphical user interface created by , is not only slower, but also more difficult to work with. The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel user interface comes for free with our KVM and OpenVZ VPS. All sections are neatly arranged and managing domain names, emails, files and databases is more than easy.


Enjoy your own webhosting

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